I've created LED displays of all shapes and sizes for businesses, institutions, and individuals.

I also created L.E.D. Lab, the only iOS app designed to control LED displays of arbitrary complexity.

With L.E.D. Lab, custom programming is no longer required to get up-and-running with LED displays! It is ideal for professional display designers, architects, hobbyists, and anyone wanting to add a little animated color to their home or wardrobe!

L.E.D. Lab allows you to create a list of Scenes, which can be played back in order or shuffled. There are currently two kinds of Scenes:

  • Strips Scene - Particles of color are sent down each strip. The velocity, hue, saturation, and brightness of each particle can be animated.

  • Pictures Scene - A two-dimensional montage of still and video images is designed. The position, velocity, rotation, size, and coloring of each picture can be animated. You can use your own photos and videos! Rendering to odd-shaped displays is made possible with photographically-generated map files.

Features include:

  • Audio Reactivity - An animatable parameter may be controlled by a square, triangular, sine or sawtooth waveform, or by the amplitude of audio in a specified frequency range.

  • Color Keying - An image, video file or live video feed van be made selectively transparent, which makes it easy to mix with other images.

  • Tiling - Any image, video file or live video feed can be tiled in any or all directions, with adjustable spacing and fade-out.

  • Display Modes - Editing can be performed with or without the LEDs connected. The editing user interface can also be hidden, allowing operation in a "kiosk" mode.